When did harry and ginny start dating

Mac Donald had a 12,000 Galleon joint bounty on his head from the American Department of Magic and Mexican Ministry of Magic.The sick bastard has been kidnapping pretty young Muggle women in both countries, Oblivating their memories of their own life histories and selling them to some rich old Muggle perverts.She had seduced several wizards into taking her home where she bound them and drained their blood for use in dark rituals to give her a Veela-like ability to compel men to do her bidding.The French Aurors stopped her before she completed her sixth of the seven required rituals although not soon enough to spare victim number six.The bolt of magical energy flew over my left shoulder to splash harmlessly against the outcropping of rock 10 metres behind me.

Well, your wish is granted and here is the second part of the story.

Turned out his old friend was an early investor in Mac Donald's scheme.

As I transfigure my captive into an action figure, a part of me wonders why I got myself back into this type of situation.

The Muggle authorities thought the girls were brainwashed with 'mind-control drugs' but couldn't find any traces in the girls' systems.

It was only when a FBI agent mentioned the bizarre case over lunch to a colleague from the Magical Investigation Bureau that a magical element was considered.

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