Taurus and dating

He’ll feel right at home in any kitchen, and shows his vulnerable side when working with food.As your Taurus is a man who likes to stick to a routine, go somewhere he is familiar with and where he already feels comfortable.It seems as though in every Taurus man’s life, they go through a phase where they would prefer to sit around and well, just sit around.

They are the strong, silent type and are masculine but not in an aggressive way.

It is also important to get him active if you can, especially if you are already in a long-term relationship where he feels very comfortable.

The thing about Taurus men is that they tend to enjoy laying around and doing nothing; somehow part of their docile nature.

Concerning their career, they are very hard working and tend to become workaholics.

They will continuously work and choose projects that will reap them the most benefits, making them rather successful in their jobs or any business transaction.

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