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Basquez started the event with a prayer and gave a pep-talk to the nervous daters. Maybe you don't know 'this is definitely going to be the person I marry,' the second you meet them," she said.

"I've known too many people who are now married who said if they hadn't given it that second date, there'd be no way they'd be married." A former daily newspaper journalist and food critic, Basquez started with a traveling Catholic dinner group called the Last Supper Club.

Monday at 8 follows traditional Speed Dating formats and etiquette.

LAKEWOOD, CO -- Anna Basquez, of Denver, who calls herself a "matchmaker," held her first her Catholic speed-dating event on a Valentine's Day in 2011 and was surprised when 70 people showed up.

"As my 71-year-old mother would say, 'It's not over til it's over.' And that means until your life is over.

She's been married for 57 years." Of course, many first-timers are nervous.

Seamus, an IT professional, said he never has any set questions for women because he likes to "see if there's chemistry." Jeff from metro Denver said he preferred meeting people in real life because online profiles leave out so much.

Lakewood's historic Casa Bonita restaurant was the site of Basquez's most recent Catholic speed-dating event, Sunday.

Fourteen men and women met to chat for five-to-seven minutes and possibly find someone they might want to follow up with later.

"I pretty much checked my preconceived notions of food at the door," said one dater.

Daters did not partake of the arcade games or stumble through Black Bart's Cave, the haunted tunnel. Basquez assigned them to partners, then rang a bell to signal it was time to switch seats and make notes on a cheat sheet.

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All Speed Dating Events are Hosted by a Monday at 8 Matchmaker or Coordinator.

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